On Screen Symbols

Each symbol represents a specific requirement, responsibility, support information or associated system. The roles are colour coded to assist in visually identifying what level of employee is responsible for each individual activity:
These are as follows:
Activities are also differentiated by colour, with generic process in grey, strategic processes in burgundy and contractor in dark green. Some processes impact on HSE activities but are not within the remit of the HSE MS.  Where these are complied with, but are not HSE documents, these are in yellow.
Many activities require informed decision making to enable their completion. These are represented by a orange diamond, and indicate what is required if an answer is “Yes” or “No”.

All support information is represented graphically, depending on the type of information represented. If the action requires the use of a checklist, the below symbol is used, and by clicking on it, the user will be presented with a checklist that is specific to the activity.

All the symbols are shown below indicating what they represent.