Printing Instructions

1.      Select the page to be printed and then either right click on it, or select Ctrl + P to bring up the print instruction

2.      Check settings and print the page.

3.      The printed page (hard copies) of the processes MUST then be validated by handwriting the date of the print onto each page. (WITHOUT A DATE  documents are considered UNCONTROLLED and are thus INVALID.

4.      If the process selected for printing has any referencepopups on it, such as  Notes, Templates, Legal reminders, checklists, etc.  each of the associated popups MUST be printed and attached to the process document. See example below.
This example is a process for selecting an investigation team, which has 4 popups’. The popups have information related to doing the activity in them. In general use they remain hidden, but if the information is required, by selecting them, the information becomes visible. So, if popup 1 is selected, it displays this  associated information.
To properly print this process, the final hardcopy would consist of the printing the process plus popup1, popup 2, popup 3 and popup 4.This equates to a total of 5 printed pages, all of which together form the process.