Definitions for documentation terminology

Business Principles: Sets the objectives, principles and rules for how PDO conducts its business.

Code of Practice: Code of Practice provide a high level overview of expectation & requirements for each function.

Form: An hard copy or electronic format with spaces to be completed

Guideline: A written guide explaining how to perform a specific activity.

Policy: Overall intentions and direction of an organisation that describes a course of action officially agreed.

Procedure: Describe the specific way the activity is to be performed. It is the formal description for executing an activity to achieve a result in a accordance with the specification It is replaced in the HSE MS by Process flow diagrams.

Process: Series of actions taken in order to achieve a particular result.

Process flow: A diagram detailing activities at the workplace.

Record: Information kept in a permanent form, e.g. written, printed or electronic.

Specification: provide the rules for testing compliance. They prescribe requirements to be fulfilled by a product, process or service in line with the code of practice.
Standard: A level of quality, skill, ability or achievement by which something is judged.