This is the PDO HSE MS. It is there for your use, to allow you to clearly understand what is required to perform an activity safely, and without harming the environment.
Please refer to “On-Screen Symbols page") to better understand how the pages are laid out. Additional information is available as pop-up buttons along side steps within processes.
The Various Views and Integration of the System
  • Enterprise view: An overall view of the HSE MS structure is provided. This includes links to next level views. These can be considered as a Bird’s-eye view of what the PDO HSE MS is based on.
  • Sub-Processes: 2nd level of Bird’s-eye view: These are sub-process diagram where a number of Flowcharts logically fit together. These in turn have have links down to the individual activity Flowcharts/processes.
  • Process Flowcharts: (Activity Level) The lowest level is the flowchart, used to depict processes. Additional information is added to the flow diagrams by adding buttons and linking information to these buttons.
  • Pop-ups: A variety of requirements, orExplanatory notes required to complete an activity.
  • Index view: A simple list of the various processes. It also serves as a document master list.
  • ISO 14001 view: A representation of the requirements of the environmental management system structure.
  • ISO 45001 view: A representation of the requirements of the Occupational heal health and safety management system structure.
  • A Day in the Life of (DILO) view: A representation of HSE critical functions, highlighting key activities that they are required to manage as part of their role.
  • MSEM Functional Support View: A representation of the Corporate HSE function, highlighting key areas of deliverables.